School Uniform

At WPPA we believe in children being smartly presented at all times.  To ensure this happens the following procedures is adhered to:

Uniform is checked first thing in the morning.

Parents should ensure that if children do not have the correct uniform they should have a letter explaining why and when the situation will be rectified.

If children do not have a letter, office staff will phone home asking for the relevant items to be brought to school.

If parents do not bring the appropriate item to school, the child will be given uniform from the school store.  The uniform will be signed out from the office and the original item of clothing will be retained.  Pupils should return to the office at the end of the day to return borrowed uniform.  If children do not have school shoes they will come to the office and swap their trainers for plimsolls.

Parents should ensure to label all uniform clearly.  Staff will check that uniform is labelled and remind pupils about looking after their clothes.  Staff will use a permanent pen to label uniform where parents have failed to do so.

Parents should speak to the school office where serious financial difficulties are a barrier to purchasing and maintaining the correct uniform.


Warden Park Primary Academy Uniform 

  • Navy blue v-neck jumper with logo (cardigans are also available)

  • Pale blue polo shirt with logo

  • Pale blue shirt/blouse and tie for Y6 children only

  • Black trousers/skirt/pinafore dress

  • Black shoes (no trainer type shoes)

  • Black socks/tights


Summer (can be worn in September if the weather is appropriate)

  • Dark blue/Light blue checked summer dress

  • Black shorts



  • Pale blue round neck PE t-shirt with logo

  • Plain black/Navy PE shorts

  • PE plimsolls/trainers for outdoor PE

  • Plain black/Navy tracksuit/jogging bottoms



  • ‘Extreme’ haircuts are not permitted (‘extreme’ being any haircut that is considered to be a distraction to others)

  • For health and safety reasons, to avoid the transfer of head lice and to ensure it does not distract from learning, we advise that long hair be tied back.

  • Hair bands, ribbons/bows or ‘scrunchies’ should be plain and either blue or white in colour. Hair bands should not have large flowers attached.

  • Jewellery is not permitted in the academy. If your child has an ear piercing then it is expected this will be a ‘stud’ only, which should be covered by surgical tape prior to PE or equivalent activity.

  • Make-up of any description is not permitted in the academy.

  • Book bag with logo for EY/KS1 children (optional for KS2)

Uniforms are available from:



Sussex Uniforms 


Unit 2                                                            

Bridge Road Business Park                                 

Haywards Heath                                              

West Sussex                                                   

RH16 1TX

Tel Number: 01444 227066


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2-8 Sussex Road

Haywards Heath

West Sussex

RH16 4EA

Tel Number: 01444 413466



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