The following values underpin everything we do at WPPA:

Respect (value others)
Passion (enjoyment/love of learning)
Honesty/trust (integrity)
Responsibility (doing your bit)
Aspiration (reach for the stars)

We believe this results in both an effective centre of learning and caring community.




Warden Park Primary Academy aims to be an exceptional learning community with high expectations of achievement, attainment and behaviour.




All members of the WPPA community will be kind, respectful and try their best.


The Vision for our children

Ethical and Informed 

WPPA children:

  • Understand the link between rights and responsibilities

  • Understand and consider the impact of their actions

  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect

  • Can participate effectively in a group, recognising and including the strengths of others

  • Are knowledgeable about their culture, community, society and the world, now and in the past

  • Make lifestyle choices which show an awareness of and commitment to our environment


Ambitious and Capable

WPPA children:

  • Are keen to learn from new experiences, enjoy learning and can understand and talk about how they learn best

  • Can communicate with confidence using evidence to inform and justify their views

  • Ask questions, think critically and solve problems

  • Make connections between different areas of learning and can explain the ideas and concepts they are learning about

  • Confidently use digital technologies creatively to analyse and communicate information

  • Believe in themselves, rise to the challenge and try their best 


Enterprising and Creative

WPPA children: 

  • Contribute to their community by giving their energy and skills so that other people benefit 

  • Can talk about their impact on school improvements

  • Are dependable in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities

  • Have the confidence to assess and take risks


Healthy and Confident 

WPPA children:

  • Are emotionally literate and able to express their feelings in a safe way

  • Can self regulate their emotions and be responsible for their behaviour

  • Understand how to be physically and mentally healthy

  • Have the confidence to participate 

  • Learn from mistakes and face and overcome challenges

  • Know how to keep themselves healthy and safe 

  • Form healthy relationships based on trust and mutual respect.