At WPPA we use the Read Write Inc. phonics programme to teach our children how to read and write. The programme, developed by Ruth Miskin, is introduced in the Nursery with children completing it in Year 1 and Year 2.

The Read Write Inc. programme provides a systematic and synthetic approach to reading whereby children are learning how the sounds are represented by written letters (graphemes), how they sound (phonemes) and how they are blended together. This approach supports children to read fluently and with confidence, enabling them to decode words accurately.

Phonics is taught four days a week in groups that provide a more focused and nurturing environment, specific to each child’s needs. Phonics is assessed half termly to ensure teaching is pitched at stage not age.

We teach cued articulation alongside phonics. Cued articulation is a set of actions that teaches children how and where the sounds are produced. The video below shows the cued articulation actions.


Supporting your child at home

If you would like to support your children at home with their phonics sounds, including set 2 and 3 sounds, please visit the websites below:

Early Years

Key stage 1


Parent guides

Click here for EY

Click here for Y1/2


For more information on how to support your child’s phonics learning at home; including how to say each sound, follow these links:



Click here for the following resources:

Set 2 green words 


Set 3 green words


RWI sounds