Design Technology (DT)


The national curriculum for DT aims to develop children’s creative, technical and practical knowledge, building and designing their own products along with evaluating their designs.

In Key Stage 1, the curriculum focuses children’s learning through the following areas: design, make, evaluate and technical knowledge.  This gives the opportunity for children to design their own products and test them whilst building on their technical skills.

In Key Stage 2, the same areas (design, evaluate and technical knowledge) continue to be the main focus but are challenged further.  These challenges can be through areas such as: cross sectional and exploded diagrams and some computer aided designs.


Cooking and nutrition also form an important part of learning..  Within this, children learn and understand about healthy dishes and how to prepare them along with seasonality and how ingredients are grown and caught.


DT projects can be simple and fun to complete at home. 

Here are a few links to ideas about what you could do to challenge and enhance your child’s design and technology skills.  

Make a money box                                                                  DIY conveyor belt

Lego Fidget Spinner                                                                 Self-propelled boat

Lollipop Stick Catapult                                                            Wind Power Challenge

Make a Marble Run                                                                 Make a Mini Canoe

No Bake Chocolate and Raisin Slice

Ping Pong Ball Launcher