Home-School Agreement

The School will:

  • Provide a happy, secure and caring environment, where every child can achieve his or her best in all aspects of school life

  • Promote high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility

  • Ensure that all children receive their curriculum entitlement according to their needs

  • Provide a broad, balanced, rich, motivated and challenging curriculum, with opportunities to extend learning before and after school

  • Set, mark and monitor homework

  • Be welcoming and offer opportunities for you to become fully involved in the daily life of the school

  • Provide information about school activities through regular newsletters and notices of special events

  • Have a clearly stated, published behaviour and anti-bullying policy

  • Inform you at an early stage of any concerns about your child

 The Pupil will:

  • Come to school on time every day at 8.30am 

  • Bring the things they need and look after them properly

  • Wear the correct school uniform and be tidy

  • Work hard and complete class and homework to the very best of my ability

  • Keep class and school rules

  • Behave well and be polite and helpful to others

  • Take responsibility for their actions and help others to keep the school a safe place to learn

  • Look after the school environment and all school equipment

  • Encourage their family to support the school and their learning

  • Make sure they take home and pass on all letters and communications from school

 The Family will:

  • Support school policies, aims and values

  • Read and be familiar with the school’s behaviour (well-being, relationships and self-regulation) policy and support the school in it’s application of the policy

  • See that their child wears the correct uniform every day and inform the school if there are any difficulties

  • Ensure children attend school every day, on time and with the equipment needed

  • Phone the school or send a message by 9:30, if their child is unable to attend for any reason

  • Let the school know of any problems which might affect their child’s work or behaviour

  • Attend opportunities to discuss their child’s progress and support school events

  • Support children with reading and other homework activities as far as they are able