School Meals 

Click here for the Spring Term 2024 Menu

For the first week back, please note Tuesday and Thursday meals are swapped. This is due to delivery issues so close to New Year. The menu will revert back to normal after that.



Due to supplier changes the allergens listed on our menu are intended as a guide only. Your child's option may occasionally need to be changed by Parkes Catering, in accordance to their dietary requirements/allergens.

Please click here for the Allergens list. Please note some items still need to be confirmed and this will be updated as soon as possible.


School Meals Bookings & Payments

From Summer Term 2023, meal bookings should be made via your Arbor Parent Portal. If you require help making your bookings, please contact the school office. Online help can be found here


Reception, Y1 and Y2 

Universal Infant Free School Meals – meals are free to any children in Reception, Year one and Year two - please ensure you make their meal choices online via Arbor. 


Years 3 - 6 

If your child will be in Year 3 and above from September and would like school meals (and is not eligible for means tested Free School Meals), you will need to ensure you have set up your Arbor account so that you can pay for meals. If you require a login, please contact the office. Please ensure that your child’s dietary requirements are up to date. Any debit or credit balances from your Parent Pay account will be transferred onto your Arbor account before we start back in September. 

You will need to select which meal you would like your child to have via your Arbor Parent Portal - see here for guidance



From Summer Term 2023, children will need to choose their meal at home with you, via the Arbor Parent Portal.  If you require help, please let the office know.


If you have any questions about your Arbor account, please contact the school office.