Meet the Committee

Please see below for an introduction on who does what on the Friends of Warden Park Primary (FoWPP) committee. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.  We are a friendly bunch and would love to meet you! Contact us via our email or our Facebook page.  


Jo Dauwalder


Hannah Brook

Our committee as appointed at our 2023 AGM


The Chair has overall responsibility for the running of the committee and charity with the Treasurer. They are a key contact for school, parents and the Charity Commission, ensuring that like any other charity, we are compliant with regulations.


Sally Williams

Overview: Sally is mum to Isaac in year 4. Having initially joined the PTA in 2019 as an ordinary member, supporting events and keeping the PTA cupboard in order, Sally has been Co chair since 2022. Sally runs her own interior design business and enjoys the flexibility that brings, allowing her to be a more active member of the school community.

Why the FoWPPA: Sally says "The work FoWPPA  do, has such a positive impact on the children’s school experience". Sally is very keen to bring enthusiasm, ideas and energy to her role and hopes to encourage wider participation from others in school community. “There is something very special about the Warden Park community, to be an active participant is a privilege that not everyone has had the chance to experience. We want to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included”.

About: Sally once saw David Bellamy plant a tree in the local woodland and was a member of her high school ‘green team’.  Also, she is a (not so secret) tree hugger!  


Emma Callcott

Overview: Emma joined the committee in 2019. She has two boys George in Year 2 and William in 1. After being a stay at home mum for 5 years Emma is now the school bursar at Fletching Primary School so we are very lucky to have her financial skills!

Why the FoWPPA: Emma joined the committee as she was new to both the school and the area and saw it as an opportunity to meet other mums. She also wanted to refresh her accounting skills and saw this as a way of doing so whilst being involved in school life. So far Emma enjoys feeling a part of the whole school and helping raise valuable funds. She is a huge advocate of nursery mums joining the FoWPPA and helping to make a difference to the school.

About: When Emma is not running around after two energetic toddlers or crunching those numbers she enjoys baking, cooking for family and friends and exploring beautiful Sussex. As a youngster Emma performed in West Side Story at Greenwich Theatre and was watched by none other than Hugh Jackman. Emma is very punctual and abhors bad timekeeping!



Our Treasurer is responsible for all things financial ensuring the FoWPPA is compliant with regulations, that our books balance and that we have the required funds to run events and fund those all-important purchases on the school wish list.


Suzanne Bridger

Overview: Suzanne joined the FoWPPA in February 2023 after helping as a volunteer at some of our events.  She is mum to Eleanor in Year 4 and Iris in Year 2.  She works in the IT department at Glyndebourne Opera House which she loves, especially when she gets free tickets to dress rehearsals!

Why the FoWPPA: Suzanne joined to help with fundraising, recognising the important role the FoWPPA has in funding key resources for the children at WPPA.  She already knew most of the committee members (who had been encouraging her to hop on board) and we're delighted she's joined us!

About: Suzanne loves crafts and making.  She is a dab-hand with a sewing machine and makes her own clothes.  She loves camping and can regularly be found in the Ashdown Forest over the summer.  She is a keen salsa dancer and dislikes olives and Mariah Carey!



The role of the Secretary is to manage committee members' details and review membership applications. As well as organising all meetings, producing minutes and managing all PTA records. They are also responsible for ensuring we are compliant with the Charity Commissions Membership Recommendations.


Philippa Sanniez

Overview: Philippa joined the committee in 2022 and attended meetings informally prior to this in 2021/22. She is married to Amon and has two children, Kya in Year 2 at WPPA and toddler Ephraim. Philippa is a Counselling Psychologist by background and currently works for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust in a Primary Care Psychological Therapies service.

Why the FOWPP: Philippa joined the committee in order to be more involved in the school fundraising and events as well as a way to meet other parents. Having a child who started at WPPA during the Covid Pandemic it has been more difficult to connect and be involved in school life so joining FOWPP seemed like a great opportunity to achieve this goal.

About: As for most parents, Philippa’s time is mostly spent with the family. However, she does enjoy her Body Combat, Aqua and Yoga classes. She also loves being outdoors, reading a good book or watching a series back to back!


Events Coordinator

The role of the Events Coordinator is to create and promote events that build a sense of community and raise valuable funds for the school.


Laren Doe

Overview: Laren has two children at WPPA; Huxley in Year 3 and Athena in Reception. She has been a Governor at WPPA for over 4 years and in her spare time works a 9-5 in Insurance.

Why the FoWPPA: Laren wanted to join the committee because she thought it would be fun! She thinks the work done by FoWPPA is invaluable and she wanted to get involved.

About: Laren is a lover of wine and being outside, an avid reader and housework avoider.


Comms Coordinator

The role of the Comms Coordinator is to communicate about our fundraising activities and events via our social media channels.


Katherine Shepherd

Overview: Katherine joined the committee in 2018. She was Chair from 2019-22, Treasurer 2022-23 and now trying the Comms Coordinator role for size! She has two children – Rose in Year 5 and JoJo in Year 3. Katherine works full-time for an international NGO as a Project Manager, her dream job... for now!

Why the FoWPPA: Katherine joined the FoWPPA to help the school with fundraising as well as it being an opportunity to meet other parents within the school. She most enjoys seeing all the preparation and planning for an event come together, working with other parents and feeling like part of the school community.

About: Katherine likes to keep busy and now the kids are a bit older she is going back to university part-time to study a masters in Climate Change and Development. Katherine really enjoys running in the dark whilst listening to 80’s music. She can also play the recorder with her nose and hates 'baby shark do do dodo dodo'. 


Staff Members

Staff members act as a conduit between the committee and the school and assist in fundraising initiatives.


Grace Downes: KS1 Representative

Overview: Grace joined the committee in 2021.  She went straight from university to Warden Park in 2016 and has been there since.  She is also the History and Geography leader for the school and currently teaches year 2.

Why the FoWPPA: Grace joined the committee as she wanted to contribute what she thought would improve the school and children's educational careers. She also feels that staff and parent relationships are really important and so wanted to build on these by joining the FoWPPA community.

About: Grace currently does not have any children but instead has two rabbits and a guinea pig.  She adores animals and hope to have an animal sanctuary one day.  When she isn't at work, she enjoys dancing, long sunny walks, seeing her younger sister, gin festivals and going abroad to hot countries.


Sharon Grayson: KS2 Representative

Overview: Sharon is our longest serving committee member, she has worked at the school since 2004 and prior to that was on the committee as a parent. Sharon has 4 grown up daughters, including Kelly Cottingham who works in the school, and 7 grandsons (almost a football team!!).

Why the FoWPPA: Sharon joined the committee as she wanted to help the pupils of the school and improve facilities for them. She also enjoys being part of a team and helping raise funds.

About: Sharon doesn't have a lot of spare time but she absolutely loves spending time with her family and going to her caravan by the sea in Hastings. She also enjoys a spot of face painting. Sharon abhors bad manners and liars.


Committee Members

The role of our committee members is to support the relationship development between school, parents and staff. They are also responsible for leading one fundraising initiative per year.


Katie Back

Overview: Katie joined us in 2020. She is mum to Mollie in Year 3 and works full-time in the WPPA nursery.

Why the FoWPPA: Katie joined the committee as she's very keen to be active in the school and help raise money.  She likes the opportunity to meet other parents that comes with 'getting more involved' and recognises the value of volunteering to help raise funds and support our children's learning.

About: Katie is a massive Brighton and Hove Albion fan, and met her husband at the Amex stadium, which is where they tied the knot.  They are looking forward to taking their daughter Mollie to her first game in the near future. Katie loves cooking, reading and listening to podcasts, and most of all she loves spending time with her family.


Louise Edwards

Overview: Louise is joined the committee in 2022 and has a daughter – Mara in year 1. She works full-time teaching Genetics at Sussex University and runs one of the MSc degrees. A role that requires constant plate-spinning.

Why the FoWPPA: Louise is in awe of the dedication and spirit of WPPA staff in making the school such a fun and inclusive place to learn. This inspired her to join the committee so she could contribute towards these efforts in making WPPA an awesome place for kids to learn and play.

About: When Louise isn’t frowning at her overflowing inbox she likes to be silly with her daughter and get out in the fresh air as much as possible. 


Hannah Dedman

Overview: Hannah joined the committee in 2022 after attending meetings informally in 2021. She has a daughter, Nellie, in Year 1, and a younger son Jude. Hannah has a background in the charity sector having worked in marketing for some of the biggest and smallest brands.

Why the FoWPPA: Having moved to Haywards Heath just before the Covid pandemic Hannah wanted to find a way to support the school, feel part of the wider community and meet other like-minded parents.

About: Hannah loves Sussex and is enjoying the outdoor life after over twenty years in London. Live music, festivals and food are some of her favourite things. In the summer months she can be found with the family travelling around the UK in their quirky camper van Walter.


Hannah Brook

Overview: Hannah joined the committee in Spring 2023. She is mum to two boys - Theo in Year 2 and Elliot in Reception. Hannah works part-time as a Maths teacher at the local secondary school, Oathall Community College.

Why the FoWPPA: Hannah was impressed and amazed when she saw the fabulous opportunities for the students offered by FoWPPA. She was keen to join a team and be part of the fun! Hannah understands the vital role that fundraising has in making it all possible so wants to offer her help in volunteering. 

About: Hannah loves being outside on adventures with her friends and family. She enjoys sunshine, playing tennis and summer picnics.



Jo Dauwalder

Overview: Jo joined the committee in February 2023 after being a volunteer helper at a few events run by the committee. She has Holly in Year 3 and Dominic in Reception.  She works at Harlands school teaching French, RE and Maths interventions.

Why the FoWPPA: Jo wanted to join because she wanted to support and celebrate our school community, meet new people and make new friends, whilst putting some of her newly acquired freedom and time (now that Dominic is at school) to good use!

About: When she's now working or tutoring, Jo enjoys swimming, baking, watching classic 80s and 90s movies and reading thrillers.