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Meet the Committee

Please see below for an introduction on who does what on the Friends of Warden Park Primary (FoWPP) committee. Please feel free to contact or approach us if you have any questions we are a friendly bunch and would love to meet you.


The Co-Chairs have overall responsibility for the running of the committee and charity with the Treasurers. They are a key contact for school, parents and the Charity Commission, ensuring that like any other charity, we are compliant with regulations.



Overview: Katherine became co-chair in January 2019 and works alongside Helen Thomson. She has two children – Rose in Year one and Jo who will be starting in Reception in September. Katherine works part-time for a charity in Brighton as a project coordinator on an employability project, a job she finds really rewarding as it helps vulnerable and underprivileged people get back to work.

Why the FoWPP: Katherine joined the FoWPP to help the school with fundraising as well as it being an opportunity to meet other parents within the school. She most enjoys seeing all the preparation and planning for an event come together, working with other parents and feeling like part of the school community.

About: When she isn’t busy working, looking after little people and chairing the committee. Katherine really enjoys running in the dark whilst listening to 80’s music. She can also play the recorder with her nose and hates 'baby shark do do dodo dodo'.


Helen Thomson: Co-Chair

Overview: Helen is currently co-chair with Katherine, she joined the committee in 2015 when her eldest son joined the school and has been chair since 2016.  Helen is married to Iain and has two boys Sam in Year 3 and William in Year one. She is currently a stay at home mum.

Why the FoWPP: Helen initially joined the committee to see how she could volunteer and be more involved with school life without being in the classroom. She also wanted to get to know more parents associated with the school. She has been planning, fundraising and clearing out the FoWPP cupboard ever since. Helen most enjoys the camaraderie with other parents and the sense of satisfaction she gets from seeing the children use things that the FoWPP have fundraised for.

About: Helen can often be found in school or ferrying her boys around but in her spare time she enjoys: cooking, sewing, reading and socialising. Interestingly, an Open University documentary was once made about Helen’s first year at school and she hates drivers who don’t indicate.



The Vice-Chair is responsible for driving volunteers and engagement across the school. They are also a key point of contact for the charity commission all parents and teachers and for delegated responsibilities from the Co-Chairs


Tracey Pisani: Vice-Chair

Overview: Tracey joined the committee in 2014 when her eldest started school making her one of our longest serving members. During her time on the committee Tracey has served as vice-chair, treasurer, chief cupboard cleaner and everything in between. She has five children: Sienna-Grace, Alfred-Nicholas in KS2 and Stanley-Ray in KS1 as well as two little ones Tommy-Nickson and Vinny-James.

Why the FoWPP: Tracey joined the committee to find out what the school was about and to be a part of something. She was also new to the area and thought it would be a great opportunity to meet people. She has been a key part of the committee ever since – helping to spread the word and get people involved. Tracey loves the feeling of being part of the team and the sense of satisfaction she from achieving something positive.

About: As a mum of 5 Tracey doesn’t have a lot of spare time! But she absolutely loves the time she spends with her family and is also studying for a diploma in Autism Awareness. Tracey’s pet hate is people who fail to do what they say they will do.



Our Co-Treasurers are responsible for all things financial ensuring the FoWPP is compliant with regulations, that our books balance and that we have the required funds to run events and fund those all-important purchases on the school wish list.


Emma Callcott: Co-Treasurer

Overview: Emma joined the committee in January 2019. She has two boys George in the Nursery and William 21 months. Emma is currently a stay at home mum, but is also a trained and experienced accounting technician.

Why the FoWPP: Emma joined the committee as she was new to both the school and the area and saw it as an opportunity to meet other mums. She also wanted to refresh her accounting skills and saw this as a way of doing so whilst being involved in school life. So far Emma enjoys feeling a part of the whole school and helping raise valuable funds. She is a huge advocate of nursery mums joining the FoWPP and helping to make a difference to the school.

About: When Emma is not running around after two energetic toddlers or crunching those numbers she enjoys baking, cooking for family and friends and exploring beautiful Sussex. As a youngster Emma performed in West Side Story at Greenwich Theatre and was watched by none other than Hugh Jackman. Emma is very punctual and abhors bad timekeeping!


Bettina Horne-Muller: Co-Treasurer

Overview: Bettina has been on the committee for several years and became Co-Treasurer in 2019. She has two boys Tim in Year 6 and Sam in Year 3. Bettina is currently a stay at home mum but she used to be an economist! Bettina is very active in school life and can often be found in the library or sorting the dreaded lost property!

Why the FoWPP: Bettina joined the committee as she was new to the area and wanted to meet people and feel part of a community. She also felt it was important to support her kids' school and their learning experience. Bettina enjoys being part of the school's diverse community and its fund- and FUN-raising activities she also enjoys launching new initiatives and helping us to be creative through up-cycling and recycling.

About: In her spare time Bettina enjoys long walks in the countryside, trips to the beach and meeting up with her favourite people. She is not afraid of making a fool of herself despite causing some embarrassment to her kids and she can’t bear sniffing so do have those tissues at the ready!


Marketing and Events

The role of the Events and Marketing Co-ordinators is to create and promote events that build a sense of community and raise valuable funds for the school. A key contact for volunteers and parents, their role is also to ensure we can raise funds outside of committee events and the profile of the FoWPP both in and out of school.


Hazel Batchelar: Events Coordinator

Overview: Hazel has been a key part of the committee for a number of years. She has one son, Eric in Year 3 and is the Group Events Manager for the hospitality division at William Reed a job she has had for 17 years (that’s a lot of events).

Why the FoWPP: Hazel joined the committee to be more active in her son's life and his life in school. She enjoys meeting new parents and feeling like she has made a difference.

About: When Hazel isn’t racing around the Country running events she enjoys gardening, swimming, family time and eating out. Hazel once lived in Berlin and can’t bear middle lane drivers!


Melanie Johnson: Marketing Coordinator

Overview:  Melanie joined the committee as Secretary in 2018 and recently took on the new role of Marketing Coordinator a role she is much better suited to. Melanie has two children Maia in Year 1 and William 21 months. She is currently a freelance business development and marketing consultant specialising in social media.

Why the FoWPP: Melanie is a strong believer in volunteering she also wanted to support the school, meet other parents and have some fun. She loves being part of the committee for the glimpse it gives her into school life, the opportunity she gets to have a say and the understanding she gets of the challenges we face!

About: When Melanie isn’t working or running around after a toddler she enjoys cooking, socialising, and drinking wine. She also loves a good book and a National Trust visit. She once spent a year working on a Health Education project in rural Uganda and can’t stand rudeness or mess!



The role of the Secretaries is to manage committee members details and review membership applications. As well as organising all meetings, producing minutes and managing all PTA records. They are also responsible for ensuring we are compliant with the Charity Commissions Membership Recommendations.


Angela Wright: Secretary

Overview: Angela joined the committee in January 2019. She is new to the school and has two children David in Reception and Beth aged 3. Angela is an absolute whizz at operations and organisation and is also a pensions lawyer and part-time landlord.

Why the FoWPP: Angela joined the committee as the school is a huge part of her son's life and something she wanted to be involved in. She also wanted to get involved in doing some fun things she doesn’t get to do in her day job. As someone who is relatively new to the school Angela has so far enjoyed getting to meet people who have children in older years and finds it rewarding to see the children benefiting from FoWPP purchases.

About: Being a full time working mum – Angela does not have a great deal of spare time but when she does she enjoys pottering in the garden and planning all the holidays she will get to go on in her retirement. A lover of travel Angela met her husband on the train coming down from Machu Picchu only to discover they grew up 10 miles apart. Angela is also extremely fearful of small children armed with super soakers!


Esther Gunter–Thrower: Membership Secretary

Overview: Esther is another of our longest serving members and has seen the school and the committee go through a lot of changes. She has two girls one in Year 7 at Warden Park Secondary and one in Year 5. Esther works in Talent Management in London, 4 days per week. Esther is also chair of Governors for WPPA and a trustee of Sussex Learning Trust.

Why the FoWPP: Esther originally joined the committee to feel more connected to the school. She most enjoys the friendships she has made with people who she can rely on no matter what and even went away to Cannes for her 40th with other committee members. She also loves the involvement in the school and knowing she has made a difference. She also loves the lack of pressure to help out and how grateful we all are when she does.

About: From reading the above you can probably guess that Esther has very little spare time but she does love cooking and seeing friends. She is also a frustrated farmer who despite living in the centre of town has 3 chickens, 1 dog, 1 cat, 5 fish and an allotment. Esther like a lot of our members hates people who don’t do what they say they will do.

Staff Members

Staff members act as a conduit between the committee and the school and assist in fundraising initiatives.


Katy Terry: KS1 Representative

Overview: Katy joined the committee when her eldest daughter started school in 2014. She is a Teaching Assistant in Year one and is hugely involved in school life. Katy has two children Bethany in Year 5 and Blake in Early Years.

Why the FoWPP: Katy joined the committee to help out at school and find out more about school life. She most enjoys meeting other parents and helping to improve school facilities.

About: As a full-time TA and busy mum. Katy is kept very busy with school life but she also enjoys drinking wine, hinching her home and seeing friends and family. She is also a vegetarian and doesn’t eat sugar (except for wine!) Katy hates bad manners and mess.


Sharon Grayson: KS2 Representative

Overview: Sharon is our longest serving committee member, she has worked at the school for 16 years and was prior to that on the committee as a parent. Sharon has 4 grown up daughters including Kelly Cottingham who works in the school. She also has 6 grandsons and another grandchild due in November.

Why the FoWPP: Sharon joined the committee as she wanted to help the pupils of the school and improve facilities for them. She also enjoys being part of a team and helping raise funds.

About: Sharon doesn't have a lot of spare time but she absolutely loves spending time with her family and going to her caravan by the sea in Hastings. She also enjoys a spot of face painting. Sharon abhors bad manners and liars.


Ordinary Members

The role of our ordinary members is to support the relationship development between school, parents and staff. They are also responsible for leading one fundraising initiative per year.


Sharon Teague

Overview: Sharon joined the committee in 2018. She is a single mum to Jack in Year one and Mellieha aged 19. Sharon works in Customer Services for Nationwide and is responsible for our Corporate fundraising.

Why the FoWPP: Sharon wanted to be more involved in her son's school life as she didn’t have time to do so when her daughter was younger. She really enjoys being part of the committee and the positive changes it makes to our children's school lives. She has also made some great friends.

About: In Sharon’s spare time she loves nothing more than a glass of wine (or two!) and a good book. She also watches a lot of football as Jack is obsessed but also loves meeting friends old and new. Sharon is extremely thoughtful and can’t bare rudeness or unkindness. 


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