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Please see below for a summary of the feedback from parents on the recent parents consultation appointments (November 2020)


How did you find your recent experience of having a 'virtual' parent consultation?

It was quick and convenient

I really liked the flexibility of the virtual appointments and received the exact same time and effort as a face to face appointment.

I found the process very useful in having some uninterrupted time with my son's teacher.


No issues, worked well


Informative, convenient and easy to do

Very easy, and comfortable

Absolutely fine - concise and efficient.


Absolutely fine, worked well.

really easy and informative.

Was easy to access Zoom. Having a time slot meant a very concise and to the point approach.


It was nice to be able to have the communication but our internet was very intermittent at the time so the conversation was very jumpy due to the connection.

It was very good, as usual.

Definitely better than phone. Missed seeing books. Good experience over all.

Very good

Very good

Great, well organised and it didn’t feel like we were missing out


Really great, easy to use zoom and good interaction with the teacher and fantastic level of detail. Remote link up is ideal for my child's other parent who lives further away to be involved.

It worked better than I assumed it would. Any information was able to be shared well and communication was good.

It worked perfectly.

It was great

Very good.

Brilliant! It meant myself and my husband could both attend and without the children being in the same room!

Absolutely fine, worked well.

Really grateful that we had the chance to speak to Miss Downes, really prompt, perfect amount of time to discuss any worries and offered support and ideas on how we can help at home :)

I’m used to virtual meeting

Brilliant - very convenient and had sufficient time to cover everything

So much easier than having to go into school.

Very great experience, as it will be face to face!

Absolutely fine. The only thing was my screen is small so struggled to see the examples of writing the teacher was showing me, however I knew exactly what she was pointing out so it wasn’t an issue at all.

Perfect ! Not a much difference either at school or home as the teacher took time to answer all the questions and inform us about progress of our son. Thank you !

No issues, worked well

Very Good - It was quick and easy with no waiting around - I thought it was a very good way to conduct the parent consultations

Very good

I thought it was fine - we were able to have a pretty in-depth chat, and afterwards we had a good image of their strengths and things they need to work on moving forward - the only technical issues I had were of my own doing and quickly resolved themselves

Really positive , and convenient as we could both (mum & dad) attend without needing childcare

Great, was easy to book and then follow the link to the meeting. The teacher was on time and kept our meeting to time. Just a shame that we aren't able to look through our child's learning at the moment.

Very good

Amazing and so easy around dinner time

I thought it was great - convenient, and really appreciate the option to do it virtually rather than not at all!

Very good and was able to feel comfortable to bring up my concerns about my daughter. I feel confident that the teacher and I are working together to help my daughter with her maths and have seen great improvement

Great idea

It was good

It was a good experience and allowed both my husband and I to be involved. We didn’t really have any idea up until the consultation as to how the girls were getting in so was good to get the chance to hear how they had settled in this year.

Easy and informative. Positive and useful. Something to consider repeating in the future post Covid. Online meant both working parents could attend.

Really smooth.

It exceeded expectations. The organisation was excellent and it felt like the time spent was very focused and productive. The intimacy of a face-to-face appointment was not lost and the virtual layout also meant that Poppy's dad could also be present - usually this is not the case due to work commitments. I thought that the main downside was that we didn't have the opportunity to look through work books beforehand, but this isn't something that I'd loose sleep over!

I thought it was fine - we were able to have a pretty in-depth chat, and afterwards we had a good image of their strengths and things they need to work on moving forward - the only technical issues I had were of my own doing and quickly resolved themselves

Was nice to finally have a one to one with the teacher this term, as contact has understandably been limited. Being on video was absolutely fine.

Fine - easy to access and use. Nice to have a bit more time to discuss child’s progress.

I found the virtual consultation worked really well and I would definitely like to use this format again in the future.

very good. punctual and efficient

Really good

Really good.

I was happy with the meeting, I found it no different to the face to face meeting. Much prefer this way.

Good to speak 1:1 with Miss Fraser

Good, set up instructions to the meeting were well communicated and easy to follow. The advice to log on 5 mins before was also well thought out so you had maximum time with the teacher. Also nice to see the teachers rather than just a phone call especially for parents new to the school.

Once I worked out about the microphone it was easy but maybe 15 mins is a bit short once you logged on.

Very good

Really good. It was more convenient to do it via zoom and meant my husband could also attend.

For the way that we are living life at the moment it was the best we are going to get which is great that the school are still accommodating

Thought it was really good. Very convenient and easier than the face to face session. Quality of call was great - no negative impact from moving to a virtual platform.

Really good

Very convenient

Good, we were able to ask all the questions we wanted to and got a good sense of how Nellie is doing academically and socially

Extremely positive.

A very positive experience, a shame not to see the teachers in person but other than that we managed to share everything we need to with them and get feedback on their learning.

Very positive. Easier to find a time that suited as I didn’t need to worry about childcare. It also meant that both parents could be present for it. Didn’t lose anything for not being face to face.

It was nice to be able to have the communication but our internet was very intermittent at the time so the conversation was very jumpy due to the connection.

Very good

Fantastic. Both the boys teachers did a great job

What could we do to improve our system and procedures for parent consultations further?


Possibly just 10 minutes more on top of each consultation

Longer than 10 mins.

Allow a bit more time per appointment

10 mins didn't feel long enough ...we weren't rushed at all by Miss Fraser but I was conscious the time.

I missed the email via Arbor so maybe send the zoom meeting out via email instead?

it would be good to be able to book them as and when needed rather than a set time in the term

Seeing children’s work

Maybe the child could bring one or a couple of their work books home so we could see them?

The systems and procedures worked really well and were easy to use but showing some work or creating digital journals to share would be really nice, especially for more focused conversations about skills and improvement . The black book sessions last year were so lovely and a great way for students to share their work.

Usually during an 'in house' parent consultation we would have opportunities to view our child's work - and celebrate achievements with them. If we could find a way where this could still happen, even if it was a copy of a piece of work from any subject sent home that would be lovely. Xx

Send any paperwork home prior to the meeting, as it is sometimes difficult to look at seesaw and be on a zoom call at the same time on some devices

Choice of face-to-face or virtual

The system worked perfectly for us and was much more convenient than going in to school. We could both attend rather than one of us having to stay home to look after the children. Whilst it won't suit everyone it would be great to have the choice of a virtual consultation in future.

I think it would be great to have a virtual parents evening each term and maybe a physical meet up once a year. The see saw updates show me what work is being done each day so I feel involved in my child’s work and what I need to do at home

I would like a meeting in person, but for Gilly's dad then to be able to join virtually at work, at the same time if he can't join in person.

Once COVID-19 restrictions have lifted maybe give parents the choice for either face to face or virtual

The system was brilliant and ran on time! I personally just like having a face to face with teachers and after this is all over will be nice to hopefully be able to do that again rather than everything being done virtually or at a distance.

No changes to suggest

Nothing - seemed to work very well

Nothing, everything was fine!

Everything is perfect

So far so good