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Update 20 - 5th January


Dear parents and carers, 


Please share the following with your children:


Happy New Year!  I am sad that I didn’t get to see you face to face to wish you happy new year.  I hope you had a lovely Christmas break with your family.


The Government has decided that due to Coronavirus, as many of us as possible need to stay at home to keep ourselves safe.  You might remember when we had to do this before in the Spring time of 2020.

Because we have done it before, I know that we are going to use all of our skills to get through this time positively through learning, being kind and helping as many people as we can. You have some really important jobs to do:

  • You need to take care of yourself and your families by being sensible about when you go out for your daily exercise and by not seeing other people for a while – don’t forget you still need to wash your hands! This will help us to stop the spread of Coronavirus.
  • You need to keep learning – you have to use your independence, perseverance and curiosity to respond to your learning challenges as they are set by your teachers - this will help to keep your brain fit and healthy.
  • You need perseverance as you will need to learn how to do things differently – you won’t be able to go out and play football with your friends but you can work on how many times you can kick a ball and keep it in the air. It is a time to be creative and think - so what can I do that will be fun? Can you pick up that ukulele or try to break your own skipping record? Can you learn how to do a cartwheel or count to 10 in as many different languages as possible?  Is there something you could cook together as a family?
  • You will need courage because when things are different, they can be unsettling – you need to know that we are here still looking after you – your teachers are online talking to you and I am working hard looking after the staff so that they can continue to do this. We are all being looked after by the government who is working to keep us all safe. You are being well looked after.


Although we are not all still together in the same building, we are still all together in our hearts and we will continue to be there for each other. Just think of the stories we will have to tell and how brilliant it will be when we are back together.


If you want to share your learning with me or have something to tell me that you are really proud of you could ask your parents to email me  (mrd@wardenparkprimary.co.uk). I will keep checking in and sending you messages.


You will do brilliantly and I will think about you every single day and keep supporting you to be the wonderful, creative, talented, courageous young people that you are.  Take care of each other and try to have as much fun as you can – keep up that learning.


With much love,

Mr Davis



Home Learning

As you will be aware, the Prime Minister has announced a national lockdown and instructed people to stay at home to control the virus.  From Tuesday 5th January, all primary schools will move to remote learning, except for the children of key workers and vulnerable children.


So….here we are again!...  You will all be feeling differently about the prospect of at least six weeks of managing remote learning.   Some of you will be keen and excited, others less so.  As we did through the Spring and Summer terms of 2020, our team will do everything we can to support your child during this period of National lockdown.

It is important for me to start by reiterating that whilst you will be required to support your child in their learning, you are not expected to become teachers.  However, you did become quite the experts last year - think back to what worked well for you and your child and try to recreate that. Experiment, then take stock. Take care of your own health and wellbeing. Whilst the concept of a lockdown isn’t new, your entire household will need to readjust, so give it time to settle.  Please see our website for updated guidance on how to create a positive learning environment at home.

During this period of school closure, Seesaw is our main way of communication with you.  Please ensure that you check the Seesaw app on a daily basis.  Your child’s teacher will communicate with them each day via Seesaw and they are keen to receive photo/video updates of how you are getting on.  Equally importantly, regular communication from you via Seesaw helps to reassure us that everything is OK at home.  Please contact the school office as a matter of urgency if you are not able to access Seesaw.


As it would be very challenging, and in many cases impossible for families with more than one child at school to access multiple live teaching sessions, teachers will rely mainly on pre-recorded teaching videos.  This will allow families to fit the teaching into their personal circumstances.  These materials will be of high quality and teachers will be in regular contact, providing individual and group feedback. 


What will home learning look like?

Click here   to view the WPPA Remote Education policy


Should accessing work or a device be an issue, parents should contact school promptly and alternative solutions may be available. These will be discussed on a case-to-case basis.


Parents of children with SEND - please contact Ms Baxter via office@wardenparkprimary.co.uk if you require any support with your child’s learning. 


Remember - children are used to being physically active during the school day so keeping some level of activity during the day will ensure their physical and mental health. See the PE page of our website for lots of ideas to help you keep active.


Keeping safe Online

During this time, we are fortunate to have huge opportunities to stay connected and to learn online. At school we often talk about the many positives of being online but we also advise on the risks.  With so much use of the internet at present we thought it would be helpful to revisit some of this guidance. There are many good sources of advice for parents but for your convenience we are suggesting the NSPCC and Get Safe Online, as these sites give clear access to a wide range of advice. If your child is using a phone, tablet or computer, please ensure you have parental controls in place to block access to any inappropriate material.

Keeping in touch with the Leadership Team

In order for you to let us know how you are getting on at home and to make sure you can easily keep in touch during this period of school closure, we have created the following contact form.  Please feel free to use this to:

  • Give us feedback on home learning
  • Share good ideas, activities and tips on thriving at home
  • Ask questions
  • Praise staff
  • Raise a concern/request further support

You can communicate in this way whenever you need to, but please do not feel that you have to.  

Specific matters related to your child and their home learning should be directed to their teacher.


Entitlement to Free School Meals

We await guidance from the Government on the arrangements for families who are entitled to free school meals and are not attending school.  We anticipate this will take the form of supermarket vouchers as it has done previously.  As soon as we have more information to share we will be in touch.


Useful links

Every Minds Matters - expert advice and top tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing if you need to stay at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Audible - For as long as schools are closed, children can instantly stream a huge collection of stories, including titles across six different languages. All stories are free to stream on desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Free David Walliams audiobooks

Latest guidance from DfE


If you need to contact us for any reason, please email us at office@wardenparkprimary.co.uk or call 01444 451264.


Take care of each other.  I’ll be thinking of you...


Mr Davis