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Update 2 - 3rd April


Dear parents and carers, 


Please share the following with your children:


How are you?  I hope that you are all healthy and happy at home.  It has been a week since I wrote to you last. I wanted to write again to say hello and to say well done for being brilliant and switching to a new way of working. I knew you would be up for the challenge. I know that it isn’t always easy but I am so proud of the way you are managing.

It has been great to see some of your work and your teachers and parents are keeping me informed about how engaged you are with the home learning tasks that you have been set.  Remember, I am really keen for you to share your learning with me and for you to keep in touch. You can ask your parents to email me - mrd@wardenparkprimary.co.uk. I will keep checking in and sending you messages.


I want you to know that it is fine to be anxious and worried about what is going on – this is totally normal. There are some simple things that you can do to help the way you feel and to get through this time positively:

  • Talk to friends and family on the phone or online – remember to be polite if you are talking on line and only say kind and supportive things
  • Look after your body – eat healthy food, drink enough water, exercise at home
  • Keep busy – start a project, make something, look through your toy cupboard and make up some new games with things that you haven’t played with for ages, design an indoor gym, learn to juggle or take up origami, offer to make lunch and write a menu – the options are endless!

Remember also that this isn’t going to be forever. Spending quality time with your family can be a really positive thing and you can be making positive lifelong memories about how brilliant you were as a team through Covid-19.

You are the best! Keep being creative and curious and using all of our school values to make the most of the time that we all have together with our families. We are still here for you and look forward to catching up after Easter.


With much love,

Mr Davis

Home Learning

Two weeks down…..I am thinking of you all often and hoping that you are settling into a routine that works for you.  A reminder that our website has guidance on how to create a positive learning environment at home.

The home learning booklet that we sent home with the children was the first step of our home learning provision.   


After the Easter holiday, we will be organising the children’s learning differently. To ensure the children continue to make excellent progress this year, we have developed the following suggested structure for a school day. All links and resources for each day will be shared by your child’s teacher, via SeeSaw each morning from Monday 20th April. 


Area of learning

Suggested timings


Physical Activity

30 mins

Choose one activity from:

Joe Wicks, Activity from website or 

Maths on the Move Home challenges


30-60 mins

A daily White Rose home learning activity


30-60 mins

A daily reading or writing activity

(this may include phonics, spelling or handwriting)

Home Learning Project

Up to 60 mins

One activity a day from the current week’s Learning project

Optional learning opportunities 

It’s up to you!

Choose an activity from the Curriculum pages of the website

Explore, play or learn something new

Independent reading


Easter holidays (6-17th April)

Teachers will be having a well earned break for the next two weeks and as such will not be available to communicate with children and families via Seesaw.  In the event of an emergency, please contact the school office. Children are not expected to complete home learning during this period, although you are likely to want to maintain some form of routine and may therefore choose to do so.   Don’t forget that our website has lots of ideas and activities - under  the ‘Home Learning’ tab. You might also like to try some of these Easter activities.


Keeping safe Online

In addition to the materials I shared in my last update, the DfE have updated their information for parents and carers to include a section on keeping children safe online. It provides links to online resources that may help you to keep your children safe online. Full details can be found in section 6.3 of the guidance for parents and carers on the closure of educational settings. To reiterate, if your child is using a phone, tablet or computer, it is essential you monitor their activity and that you have parental controls in place to block access to any inappropriate material.

Keeping in touch with the Leadership Team

In order for you to let us know how you are getting on at home and to make sure you can easily keep in touch during this period of school closure, we have created the following contact form.  I would urge you to use it to give us feedback on your experience of this initial period of closure.  Your feedback is important to us and we are keen for you to:

  • Give us feedback on home learning
  • Share good ideas, activities and tips on thriving at home
  • Ask questions
  • Praise staff
  • Raise a concern/request further support

Thank you to those parents who have been in touch so far.

Specific matters related to your child and their home learning should be directed to their teacher.


Entitlement to Free School Meals

Those families who are entitled to Free School Meals will have received a text message link and email to a Sainsburys Evoucher.  Whilst the government is not funding this provision over the Easter holiday period, Sussex Learning Trust has taken the decision to do so.  Therefore, those families will receive Sainsburys Evouchers and these will be sent to you early next week. If you have any queries regarding this please contact the school office.  These vouchers are only available to those who are entitled to free school meals. If you think that you might now be eligible, please apply here .


Foodbank donations

As you may know, Haywards Heath Foodbank is currently closed.  From next week, the foodbank will be operating a delivery only service and will start to collect donations again.  Our school is going to act as a drop-off point for donations (9-2:30pm Mon-Fri). Mrs Durnford will be taking what is collected at school to the Foodbank every Monday morning.  Please could you keep in mind the foodbank when you do your weekly shop and consider donating. Alternatively, if there is a drop off point nearer to you, please drop off there if you can; Bolnore Village Co-op, Whitemans Green Cuckfield Co-op, Lindfield Co-op, Cuckfield Parish Office - Queens Hall between (10.30am-2pm), Waitrose, Franklands Village Office (between 8am-10am).


Sussex Learning Trust Newsletter

Click here to hear all about what has been going on in the Sussex Learning Trust academies.


Useful links

Latest guidance from DfE

DfE guidance on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

West Sussex Library Service - find out what’s on offer

Guidance on learning to tell the time (seeing as you might have quite a lot of it on your hands!...)

NSPCC guidance on talking to your child if they are worried about coronavirus

A live stream of Mr Dilly's TREASURE ISLAND FAMILY SHOW - Saturday 4th April, 10:30

Seesaw - A reminder

During this period of school closure, Seesaw is our main way of communication with you.  Please ensure that you check the Seesaw app on a daily basis for each of your children.  Your child’s teacher will send a video in the morning each day and they are keen to receive photo/video updates of how you are getting on.  Equally importantly, regular communication from you via Seesaw helps to reassure us that everything is OK at home. Please contact the school office as a matter of urgency if you are not able to access Seesaw.


Getting in touch:

If you need to contact us for any reason, please email us at office@wardenparkprimary.co.uk or call 01444 451264.


I’ll end by sharing a Poem by Grace Lawis (Y6) and a photo of a display created by some of the children of key workers who have been in school this week:

With this virus the world’s in disarray,

With my friends I can no longer play.

Staying at home is where we should stay,

I look to the sky for the glorious ray.

We are doing our class work in our home,

We should be with friends but instead we’re alone.

We look for the answers, we try to find the clue, 

I’m struggling to know as I’m thinking this through.

I miss you all madly as strong friendships we’ve made,

but I think of the fun times and the memories we’ve made.

I hope real soon we will all reunite

So let’s stick together to win this fight.

Keep in touch from now til the end

My thoughts are with you from a real dear friend.

Take care of each other, Mr Davis