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Update 13 - 14th July


WPPA Parent Guidelines for full reopening September 2020


The following guidance outlines how we will manage the full re-opening of WPPA. In order to do this we wish to share with you some of the new routines that we will all have to adopt. We appreciate there may be some anxiety for parents and we know that having a clear idea of what the school day will look like and how we will operate will help you better understand what you and your child can expect. All plans we have made are in line with the Public Health England, DfE and Government Guidelines.  These guidelines will be in place until we are advised to make any changes by the DfE.  The safeguarding of children, families and staff remains our top priority and we will be continually monitoring this during re-opening period.


It is essential that if anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of COVID19  you must not send your child into school. 

You must observe the self isolation guidance. 

All of the following relies on no infected staff or children coming into school. 


Who is returning to school?

All children in Y1-6 will return to school on Monday 7th September.

Staff have been in touch with parents of children in Nursery and Reception via email and Seesaw regarding their induction arrangements.


How should we travel to school?

Where possible we encourage families to walk, scoot or cycle to school to reduce the number of cars parked close to the school gates. As you know, there is very little available parking and dropping your children at school may take longer than usual because of the need to queue in a socially distanced way, especially for the younger pupils.  We operate a ‘Park and Stride’ system with parking permits available which allow parents to park in the Orchards (Tesco) and Hazelgrove (M&S) car parks at drop-off and collection time.  Permits cost £10 for the school year and will be available from the school office from Monday 7th September. 

To ensure social distancing and to minimise the number of people within the school building, we ask you not to visit the school office in person. Instead, please email or phone.  


When should we arrive at school and how can I safely drop my child off?

In order to maintain social distancing we will stagger each group’s start and end times. This is to ensure that parents do not congregate at the school gates or within the school grounds. Where it is necessary for you to wait on the public footpath outside the school gate, we ask you to maintain a 2m distance from the family in front of you. It is essential that you arrive precisely at (but not earlier than) the allocated time so that we do not have large numbers of children and parents arriving at the same time. Where children walk to school by themselves, please ensure that they leave home at the appropriate time to allow them to arrive at their allocated arrival time (and not before). Parents should ensure that their children remain next to them and  are closely supervised at all times. You will continue to have contact with your class teacher via SeeSaw but you will not be able to stand and talk with them at the beginning or end of the day.   If it is necessary for us to give you a message about your child, we will do this via Seesaw or by contacting you by phone.


To avoid parents having to wait between drop off times, siblings may arrive together to the entrance of the earliest drop off class where they can enter and the older sibling will walk younger siblings to their classroom. 

It is essential that you arrive precisely on time for your start time.  There will be staff on hand to support the following arrangements.






Rothko Class arrive at 8.45am

Bowling Class arrive at 9.00 am

EY/KS1 gate  - Using Reception classrooms. There is a queueing system outside the KS1 parent gate. Parents will be allowed to walk their child down to their class entrances and then you will need to continue in a one way system past the office window and out through the main entrance gate. 


Year One

Dali Class arrive at 8.45 am

Matisse Class arrive at 9.00am

EY/KS1 gate  - Using Y1 classrooms. There is a queueing system outside the KS1 parent gate. Parents will be allowed to walk their child down to their class entrances and then you will need to continue in a one way system past the office window and out through the main entrance gate. 


Year Two

Marc Class arrive at 8.30am

Picasso Class arrive at 8.30am

EY/KS1 gate - past nursery round to the back of the school and (in EY/KS1 gate, out bottom KS2 gate). 


Year Three

Riley Class arrive at 8.30am

Adnan Class arrive at 8.30 am

Riley Class - main gate

Adnan Class  - Children must enter through the KS2 gate. Parents should then continue in one direction, up the steps and leave via the main entrance.


Year Four

Mailou Jones Class arrive at 8.50am

Kahlo Class arrive at 8.50am

Children must enter through the KS2 gate and enter their classrooms. Parents should then continue in the same direction, up the steps and leave via the main entrance.


Year Five

Futura Class arrive at 8.40am

Banksy Class arrive at 8.40am

Children must enter without any adults at the KS2 gate and enter their classrooms via the outside doors. 


Year Six

Britto Class and Kaws Class arrive at 8:30am

Bottom KS2 gate - Children must enter without any adults at the KS2 gate and enter their classrooms via the outside doors. All children will need to be in before 8:45 when the gate will be needed for the next year group. 


When and how do I collect my child? - We will also be operating a staggered pick up times 

For siblings with different pick up times, the parent should arrive at the latest pickup time and collect their children from their classes at the later pick up time. Your child will stay in their bubble until this time. This will prevent adults having to wait at the school gates.


If your children attends before/after school club they will be dropped off and collected from class.



Teachers will line up their group and walk them down to the exit gate where they can be met or walk home. We appreciate that most of our Y6  children do walk home. It is important that children from different bubbles do not group up at this stage to walk home together. I know it will be very tempting for them to do so. We will be explaining to the children why it is so important not to do this. We would appreciate your help in enforcing this. 

Year Group



Start Time

Break time

Lunch Break

Lunch time





E Phillips






M Fraser


12:30-12:45                             12:00 - 12:30




B Brown



12:00- 12:30





L Dockerill



12:00-12:15/12:45 - 13:00

12:15- 12:45




B Burtenshaw









Z Jones








G Downes








C Crowther








F Ridgewell








Mailou Jones

A Furminger








F Hart









W Jones








D Cartwright

H Dodd









W Wood








J Leigh

K Waters






What will a normal day look like for my child?

Your child will be taught in their class bubble.  They will continue to keep active and be taught the range of curriculum subjects. We fully appreciate that the transition back into school needs to be handled sensitively and to allow children time to adjust to what the school experience is now and to reflect on their experiences over the past months. Ms Baxter, our Inclusion Manager, has been developing a curriculum that all teachers will use with children to explore their worries and concerns. 


Teachers will plan a curriculum on the basis of the educational needs of pupils on their return.  Curriculum planning will be informed by an assessment of pupils’ starting points and addressing the gaps in their knowledge and skills, in particular making effective use of regular formative assessment (for example, quizzes, observing pupils in class, talking to pupils to assess understanding, scrutiny of pupils’ work) while avoiding the introduction of unnecessary tracking systems.


As per usual, your child will have a mid-morning outdoor break with their class. They will not mix with children from other classes or ‘bubbles’. The adults from their ‘bubble’ will be on duty with them. At lunch time all EY and KS1 children will eat in the hall.  KS2 children will eat in their classrooms if they have a packed lunch or in the hall if they have a school meal.  The layout of the hall and serving arrangement will be fully compliant with health and safety guidelines. When eating in the hall, children will be sat with their class and will not mix with children from other classes.  Children will also get a break time outside at lunchtime. Again they will not mix with children from another class.  What children are able to do at playtimes will be limited by the need to encourage distancing.  


We intend for the children to spend as much time outside as safely possible. Reception and Y1 will have outside learning areas available for each classroom they are in. 

Children will have limited, timetabled access to pastoral staff at this time. There will not be separate small groups outside the classes at lunch time and the children will not have access to The Den or The Warren. 


Provision of school meals

Breakfast will not be provided until further notice.


Hot school meals will be provided as they were prior to COVID19. Nursery and KS1 will eat their lunch in the hall. Teachers/TAs will accompany them. In KS2 children  will be eating in their class with their teacher/TA.


Bookings & Payment

We wanted to let you know that we will no longer be using Parent Pay for the booking and payment of our meals.  We will be switching to Arbor payments which most parents have already been using to book parent consultations and to review their child’s details. The Arbor payment system is much simpler than Parent Pay as the App can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices.


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Universal Infant Free School Meals – these meals are free and children will choose which meal they would like every day with their teacher. Please ensure your child’s dietary requirements are up to date on Arbor.

Nursery, Year 3 - 6

If your child will be in Nursery or Year 3-6 in September and would like school meals (and is not eligible for means tested Free School Meals), you will need to ensure you have set up your Arbor account so that you can pay for meals. If you require a login, please contact the office. Please ensure that your child’s dietary requirements are up to date. Any debit or credit balances from your Parent Pay account will be transferred into your Arbor account before we start back in September.


You will need to top up your child’s meal account on Arbor before they have any meals, using the meals payment item at the top of your Arbor App.  Please see the letter that was recently sent from Mrs Horan for further instructions.


So that you know what meals will be available each day for your child to choose from, a new 3 week rolling menu will be available to view on our website very soon. A link will be emailed out when this is available.


If you feel that your child is not able to choose their meal on the day, or you prefer to know exactly which meal they are having; you can complete and return a paper menu.  Paper menus are available from the office and a supply will be given to classes in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. 


If you have any questions about your new Arbor account, please contact the school office.



To avoid ‘congestion’ in the toilets, children will be encouraged to use the toilets at their groups’ allocated break times.  At other times, children will be able to use the toilet as required and will be escorted to the toilet by an adult to ensure social distancing guidelines and good hygiene procedures are followed and adhered to.


How will we keep resources clean and safe for use?

In addition to children remaining in a consistent class bubble and separate from other groups, resources and toys will not be shared between groups. The staff within each room will have cleaning products to ensure surfaces and resources are regularly wiped clean.  During the day additional cleaning hours will be used to clean touch points and ensure all toilets are cleaned before and after lunch. Cleaning will also take place at the end of each day as usual. Thorough and regular washing of hands will take place throughout the day. We continue to have gel sanitiser in class and at the main entrance and exit doors. 


Children or staff displaying symptoms of COVID-19

If anyone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough or a high temperature in school, they will be sent home and advised to follow the COVID-19 guidance for households. Whilst a child is awaiting collection they will be monitored away from other pupils (in the Den). The child or adult will need to access a test. A letter will be sent to all families in the class to inform them of this. 

As part of our extensive risk assessment, we sought guidance from Public Health England (West Sussex) about if one of our community developed symptoms, how we should advise other community members. We received the following guidance, which I paste in full for your consideration:

Currently the guidance states that only the symptomatic individual needs to go home, and follow the isolation and testing regime as per the national guidance

School contacts may remain at school unless/until:

  1.   The symptomatic individual tests positive, at which time all contacts will be required to follow the isolation and testing regime as per the national guidance.
  2.   The individuals remaining in school become symptomatic as well, in which case the symptomatic individuals should also go home and follow the isolation and testing regime as per the national guidance.

If a child or member of staff tests positive, the rest of their class group/bubble will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The other household members of that group and members of staff do not need to self isolate unless the child or staff member they live with subsequently develops symptoms. 

If a child or member of staff tests negative, they will need to show evidence of this via their text results or email results. When the negative test results have been shown the child/ren or member of staff may return to school. Please do not delete the results before showing them as this may result in you needing to get another test.

All members of the school community should actively engage with NHS Test and Trace.  Please inform the school if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

The government advises against the routine checking of children’s temperatures as it is not regarded to be a reliable method for identifying COVID-19. However, parents must follow the standard national advice on the kind of symptoms to look out for that might be due to coronavirus. You must not send your child into school if they, or any member of your household, are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19The child or adult must then access a test.  Your child will not be able to come back to school until they have had a negative test. In the event of a positive COVID 19 test, your child will need to stay at home for a minimum of 14 days or until the symptoms have stopped.



Wearing a face covering or face mask in schools or other education settings is not recommended by the government. Therefore no children or adults will be asked to wear PPE. The only exception to this is if a child, young person or other learner becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus and needs supervision until they can return home. If you would like your child to wear a mask you will not be prevented from doing this. 


Will children need to bring in their own hand sanitiser? 

No.  We have hand sanitiser in all classrooms and on the entrance and exit doors. We also have sinks in all classrooms and antibacterial hand wash. The key message from the government remains that washing hands for 20 seconds regularly is the best way to prevent the spread of infection. All adults will continue to teach this message and ensure this is carried out. 

Children’s belongings and equipment

Children should bring the usual things to school; PE Kit, lunch box, book bag and a coat/sun hat when the weather requires.  Please apply sunscreen to your child before school in the event of warm and sunny weather.   Children should not bring toys or other items from home.



Please make sure that all medicines are brought to school on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th September.  Please check that medicines are in date.   Mrs Goodenough and Mrs Durnford will be available outside the main office to collect medicines from you and ensure the correct paperwork is completed.


School uniform

Children should wear full school uniform.  See our website for full details. 

If a child has PE or Forest school, they should come to school wearing their PE kit or Forest school clothes.  They DO NOT need to wear or bring their school uniform on these days.  Teachers will advise parents of the relevant days via Seesaw.

If children have experimented with their hair style and colour during the break, we ask that this be returned to their natural colour and a sensible style. 


If my child forgets something, is it OK for me to come to the school during the day to hand it in at the school office? 

Please phone the school first as the school may be able to resolve the issue without you coming to school as visitors at the school should be kept to a minimum. 


Before and After School Clubs

Treetops will resume in September.  Final risk assessments are currently being completed and will be shared in due course.  Click here to visit the Treetops website.


After school clubs will not take place for the first half of the Autumn term.   Plans will be reviewed in October.



It is vital that children return to school - for their educational progress, for their wellbeing, and for their wider development. School attendance will again be mandatory from the beginning of the new academic year. For parents and carers of children of compulsory school age, this means that the legal duty on you as a parent to send your child to school regularly will apply.


Shielding advice for all adults and children will pause on 1 August, subject to a continued decline in the rates of community transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). This means that the small number of pupils who will remain on the shielded patient list can also return to school, as can those who have family members who are shielding. See the guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable for the current advice.

Some pupils no longer required to shield but who generally remain under the care of a specialist health professional may need to discuss their care with their health professional before returning to school in September (usually at their next planned clinical appointment).  Where children are not able to attend school as parents are following clinical and/or public health advice, the absence will not be penalised.


If you have concerns about your child returning to school, because you consider they may have other risk factors, you should discuss with us the measures we are putting in place to reduce risks in line with government guidance.


As ever, parents should plan their holidays within school holidays and avoid seeking permission to take their children out of school during term time.  Holidays during term time will not be authorised.


Ultimately, local authorities and schools have a range of legal powers to enforce attendance if a child or young person misses school without a valid reason.


Remote learning arrangements for children who are not attending 

We have a contingency plan in place for remote education provision in the event of pupils being unable to attend school.  If necessary from September, we will be in a position to:

  • Provide access to high-quality online and offline resources and teaching videos
  • Use Google Classroom and Seesaw to allow interaction, assessment and feedback
  • Provide printed resources for pupils who do not have suitable online access

We recognise that younger pupils and some pupils with SEND may not be able to access remote education without adult support.


How do I inform the school that my child is unwell and will not be attending?

A small number of pupils will still be unable to attend in line with public health advice because they have had symptoms or a positive test result themselves, or because they are a close contact of someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19). If your child is unable to attend school for this reason you should use Studybugs or contact the school office to inform the school.  Please continue to report any non-COVID19 related illness in the usual way. Please can we ask that you do not send a seesaw message regarding illness to your child’s teacher.



All children and those with whom they live will have access to a test through the NHS if they display symptoms of coronavirus, and must get tested in this scenario. The aim is to enable children to get back to childcare, and their parents or carers not to need to self-isolate any longer than is necessary, if the test proves to be negative. A positive test will ensure rapid action to protect other children and staff in their setting.

We ask all parents and carers to ensure they organise a test for their child, in the event that they develop coronavirus symptoms, and notify us immediately of the test result. Further guidance is available about getting tested.


What should I tell my child in preparation for going back into school 

Most children will be excited to be going back to school. However, there has been a lot of uncertainty for all and making this transition back into school life will present challenges. School will be different. Children will not have the same freedoms that they are used to and this will take some getting used to! Class teachers will be sending you a ‘Transition booklet’ to support your child’s return to school. There will be some behaviour expectations which will be different too,  personal hygiene and cleanliness being one of them and the washing of hands will be monitored.  



Click here to view the Addendum to the academy behaviour policy during Covid 19:

1 WPPA will teach their children returning to school what is unsafe behaviour and the required protocols for keeping school safe at this time.   Children will not be allowed to leave their group to mix with children from other groups. We will be very strict about this.

2 Any pupil who behaves, deliberately, or otherwise in a manner that we believe is detrimental to safety guidelines provided during the COVID 19 pandemic will be temporarily excluded from the school site, with parents being requested to collect their child immediately. Wherever possible the academy staff will endeavor to mitigate against this course of action and will always seek to work in partnership with parents to ensure the safety and well-being of every child. 


We appreciate that there is a lot of information to digest in this document, but we hope that it answers most of your concerns and queries. You may have specific questions which relate particularly to your child or children. Please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Leadership Team via email - office@wardenparkprimary.co.uk 


We look forward to welcoming back your children to school and seeing you all on Monday 7th September.