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WPPA Seesaw guidelines 

What it is for

  • Strengthening home-school links by providing parents a window into the classroom, showing what the children have been working on via photographs and videos. 
  • Weekly updates on class learning.
  • Reminders and information specific to each class or year group.
  • Parents (and staff) to give feedback on a child’s achievements.
  • Parents to send evidence (photos or video) of specific home-learning.
  • Parents to ask brief/simple questions i.e. about missing clothing/class events.
  • Parents to request a meeting or phone conversation with class staff.

What it is not for:

  • Addressing issues, concerns or complaints regarding behaviour, emotional well-being, progress or attainment.  These should be addressed via a face-to-face meeting or phone call.
  • Communicating a child’s absence.
  • Communicating urgent messages or information about collection/end of school arrangements.  Please telephone the school office with this type of information.
  • Seesaw will not be used by staff to send or receive posts or messages after 17:30 during the week or at all on the weekend or during school holidays.  We cannot guarantee messages will be replied to during the same school day.

How Seesaw will be used in class:

  • Staff will upload and send evidence of learning for individual children at least once a fortnight. Group or whole class examples of learning i.e. singing, will be in addition to this.
  • Staff will support children to think about what they need to do to ensure that their learning is ‘wow’ and to be considered by the teachers/TA for sharing with their parents.  For this to happen, children’s learning must demonstrate that it has clearly met the learning criteria/ their personal target or demonstrates strong personal progress.
  • All classes will have a supply of laminated camera pictures on pegs, which children will attach to their work when they feel it is worthy of being shared with parents.
  • Sharing learning via Seesaw will be a feature of the large majority of lessons.


Home School Communication Survey Feedback - February 2020

Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent survey. We received a total of 104 responses.

Please see below for a summary of the responses 

and how we plan to improve communication 


What parents like most about Seesaw

  • Receiving photographs of my child’s learning
  • Knowing how my child is doing at school
  • Having instant information/updates
  • Being sent video evidence of events that parents might not be able to attend
  • Having photos and video updates during school trips
  • Having reassurance that my child has settled if they were upset at drop-off time
  • The ability to message the teacher
  • Being able to send evidence of home learning/homework
  • The ability to comment on and respond to posts
  • It is ‘phone-friendly’ and easy to access
  • It is eco-friendly (paperless)

How parents would like Seesaw to be used differently

  • To receive more posts/updates
  • To receive fewer posts/updates

This point highlights that parents often have different and opposing views.  The WPPA Seesaw guidelines will clarify our whole-school approach to the use of Seesaw.

  • To receive fewer letters/reminders 

We will increasingly use the Arbor parent portal/email, rather than Seesaw, for whole school letters and reminders

  • To have more notice of events.

We have an annual planner of school events and the calendar on our website is up-to date.

In addition, we will inform parents about forthcoming events at the start of each half term.

  • To have guidelines on how the school will communicate with parents as it is not always clear when Seesaw is used and when to expect an email.
  • To receive updates only when they include photos of my child.
  • Increased consistency across year groups.

The WPPA Seesaw guidelines will clarify our whole-school approach to the use of Seesaw

The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year?

Agree and strongly agree





  • Parents would like an overview of the curriculum for the year.

This is available on the school website - Curriculum > Whole School Curriculum maps.

  • I would like to know what the children are learning on a daily/weekly basis.

Teachers will give parents a weekly update of the learning in their class from Spring 2020.

  • I believe greater consistency between year groups is needed.

The WPPA Seesaw guidelines will clarify our whole-school approach to the use of Seesaw.

The school has high expectations for my child?

Agree and strongly agree


Disagree and strongly disagree



  • I would like to know more about how my child is being pushed.

In addition to termly parent consultations appointments, we have an ‘Open door’ policy and encourage positive communication between, as and when, parents and staff feel this is necessary.  One of our current development priorities is to ensure all pupils are consistently challenged across the wider curriculum.

  • I would like more information on the changes between EY and Year 1 - transition and expectations.

We will run another informal meeting for Year One parents in the Summer term. In addition to this, parents will be invited to an information event in the Summer term where we will explain the transition process, how we have been preparing the children and how parents can support this at home.  

The school lets me know how my child is doing?

Agree and strongly agree







  • I would like further opportunities to speak to teachers beyond parent consultations.
  • Where extra interventions are in place, I would like it if actions plans could be shared and support offered on how parents can help at home.

We have an ‘Open door’ policy and encourage positive communication, as and when, parents and staff feel this is necessary.  In addition, Mrs Baxter, Inclusion manager is available via the school office and has drop-in sessions on a termly basis.

Feedback on how parent consultations are organised.

How easy is it to book an appointment?

How convenient are the appointment times?

  • We received lots of positive feedback about booking via the Arbor parental portal.  Some people found it tricky initially but on the whole found it to be an efficient system. 
  • The booking process is a slight challenge for some parents with more than one child at WPPA.
  • Some parents would like appointment slots to be longer than 10 minutes.
  • Some parents asked whether the school could offer appointments during the school day or at lunch time/break time?

We will consider this when planning parent consultation appointments for the 2020/21 academic year.

Any further feedback, including what additional information about your child would you be interested in receiving?


  • More information about what we can do at home to help.
  • Clarification on reading bands.

This information will be available on the school website from March 2020.