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Well-being Wednesday Afternoons


On Wednesday afternoons, pupils at WPPA will focus on activities to improve their well-being.


We encourage pupils to be ‘screen-free’ and enjoy physical, creative or personally full-filling activities with their families 


There will be no live teaching or pre-recorded videos from teachers on a Wednesday afternoon. 

Teachers will be planning, preparing and assessing at this time and will be unavailable via Seesaw.


Scroll down for this week's activities.




Check out the curriculum pages on our website. Each page has curriculum information, as well as, lots of ideas for home learning.



You may also like to have a look at the Well-being website developed by staff at Warden Park Secondary Academy. 

Please note: the intended audience for this website is secondary age pupils but there is a lot of useful information and ideas that may be of interest.




Get Active


Gymnastics with Max - Max Whitlock, Team GB Gymnast, workouts that begin with a gymnastic session for the whole family followed by a squad level session


Oti Mabuse Dance - The Strictly Come Dancing star has created a selection of themed dance lessons/tutorials for both children and adults alike.


Go for a bike ride/scoot or walk


Create a scavenger hunt for another member of your family - could use this in your home or out and about in a walk


Create an obstacle course and time your family members completing it


Check out the PE page of our website





Choose a new skill to learn


Watch a documentary/use the internet to learn about something you would like to learn about



Get creative

Draw a picture of your family and pets

Learn to juggle


Learn some words in another language


Build a Lego tower


Place some objects on a tray then cover them up and see how many you can remember


Learn some sign language


Create a board game to play with your family


Read a book description and create your own illustrations


Make a money box                                                   DIY conveyor belt

Lego Fidget Spinner                                                Self-propelled boat

Lollipop Stick Catapult                                            Wind Power Challenge


Check out the Art page of our website



Family Connections


FaceTime or call a friend or relative 


Make someone a card ‘just because’ and send it to them in the post 


Do something kind/useful for your family at home 


Help to cook lunch/dinner


Write down each letter of the first name of a family member/friend that you can’t see at the moment.  Choose a positive attribute (that describes them) that links to a different letter of their name.


Create interview questions to find out about a relatives childhood, what it was like for them growing up, the games they played, their hobbies etc. These could be emailed or you could do the interview via FaceTime and record your answers or even video the interview as you do it. 








Make someone a card ‘just because’ and send it to them in the post


Create a picture/card with a message and put it through a neighbours letterbox to cheer them up.


Do something kind/useful for your family at home


What makes up your heart?  Cut out a heart shape and then divide it into sections. In each different section, write down something or someone that takes a special place in your heart


Create a ‘Jar of Hope’ write down all the things you miss doing that you hope to do when the lockdown is over e.g. see family members, going to a weekly club, going to the cinema 


In the Kitchen


Change for life recipes


Help to cook lunch/dinner


Bake something

Be a scientist

Click here for year group specific information:

KS1 (Y1/2)





In the Garden


Plant some seeds. 


Design your own forest school tasks using things from your garden

Build a den, shelter for an animal


Create some outdoor art items from your garden