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21 July 2017 (by jayne)

Heads Newsletter 20th July

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your on-going support this Academic Year. I wish all Y6 children and their families the very best as they move on to the next part of their journey. We look forward to September with great excitement and enthusiasm and the certainty that the future continues to be very bright indeed. I look forward to seeing you on the playground and around the school, when our new school year begins on Tuesday 5th September 2017. I wish you all a happy, safe and relaxing break. Warden Park Primary Academy celebrates its best results to date As a result of excellent teaching and learning and an on-going drive from all staff to provide THE best opportunities for all the children at Warden Park Primary Academy, we are able to celebrate an excellent set of Y6 SAT results. More pupils at WPPA reached the expected standard in all three of the key areas of reading, writing and maths than others nationally - 69% of WPPA pupils reached this level, compared with 61% nationally. A similarly strong picture is evident for pupils exceeding the expecting standard, with results in all subjects exceeding national data. Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One data also demonstrates strong achievement with pupils in all year groups progressing well. Attainment in this year’s Year 1 phonics check was particularly pleasing with 88% of WPPA pupils working at the expected standard. This represents a sustained upward trend in phonic achievement which now brings WPPA data significantly above the national average. Staffing changes I would like to take this opportunity to again thank all staff who are leaving us at the end of term for their hard work, commitment and dedication. Mrs Gardner, Mrs Symes and Miss Richardson have helped make Warden Park Primary the successful school that it is. From September, Miss Cousins will be seconded to the University of Sussex full time in her role as professional tutor. This means, we will be seeing a lot less of her next year – a farewell for now, rather than a goodbye. I wish these staff all the very best of luck with their future endeavours. Start the year meeting – September 2017 There will be an opportunity for parents of children in Y1-6 to meet their child’s new teacher on Friday 8th September at 2.15pm. The teachers will be able to explain the expectations of school life in a new class, the learning that is coming up, as well as, practical arrangements. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. The children have had the opportunity this week to spend three afternoons with their new teacher and teaching assistant in their new classroom. This opportunity has allowed the children to start to build relationships and to make their new classroom feel like home. Please see the attached map which shows the location of each class and how the children will enter and exit their class. Please note – there will be no access from the car park to the KS2 classes. Please use the main KS2 entrance. Class organisation September 2017 Please find the full staffing list for 2017/18 below: Senior Leadership Team: Headteacher: Mr Davis Deputy Headteachers: Mrs Walling & Miss Conneely Early Years Foundation Stage Yr Grp Class name Teacher Teaching Assistant EY Hippo Miss Phillips - Team Leader Mrs Lyons/Mrs Streeter EY Buffalo Miss Burtenshaw Mrs Cottingham Mrs Choudhury SEN TA - Mrs Jo Key Stage 1 Yr Grp Class name Teacher Teaching Assistant 1 Hedgehog Miss Forster - Team Leader Mrs Terry 1 Parrot Ms Wilkin Mrs Lyons 2 Seahorse Miss Taylor Mrs Pursun 2 Dolphin Miss Downes Miss Bellwood SEN TAs - Miss Whinn, Mrs Turner and Mrs Pead Key Stage 2 Yr Grp Class name Teacher Teaching Assistant 3 Raccoon Miss Jones Mrs Nelson 3 Hummingbird Mrs Hart Mrs Weller 4 Wallaby Mr Jones Mrs Grayson 4 Chimpanzee Miss Fowell Mrs Thompson 5 Puma Mr Leigh Mrs Funnell 5/6 Firefly Miss Heber - Team Leader Mrs Martin 6 Owl Miss Furminger Mrs Smith (Mon – Thurs) Miss Whinn (Friday) SEN TAs – Mrs Turner, Miss Sutton and Mrs Pead SENCo Ms Baxter (Mon, Tues and Fri) SEN Assistant Mrs Durnford Pastoral Support Mentors Miss Palmer and Miss Rabbetts Cover teachers Mrs Williams and Mrs Waters Premises Manager Mr Gingell Office team Mrs Newman, Mrs Penny, Mrs Horan, Mrs Miller 2017/18 - Term dates Autumn term 2017 Tuesday, 5 September to Wednesday 20 December Monday 4 September (Inset day, school closed to children) Friday 17th November (Inset day, school closed to children) Half term 23 to 27 October Spring term 2018 Thursday 4 January to Thursday 29 March Monday 19 February (Inset day, school closed to children) Half term 12 to 16 February Summer term 2018 Monday 16 April to Tuesday 24 July Half term 28 May to 1 June Monday 23rd July (Inset day, school closed to children) Tuesday 24th July (Inset day, school closed to children) Impact cooking volunteers Some parents may remember that WPPA worked with the ‘Tasty team’ at Impact (a locally based food charity) to run cookery sessions for children and a parent or family member. The sessions were fun and practical and took place during the school day. We are looking to revive this initiative in the Autumn term and we are looking for expressions of interest from parents who would like to volunteer to support the program. This would involve working with Impact staff to observe how the sessions run, with a view to supporting further sessions in the Spring and Summer terms. If you would be interested or would like more information, please contact Mr Davis via the school office. Parent Class Representatives As you would have read in my letters sent earlier this year, we are hoping to develop this initiative to strengthen communication and teamwork between the school and families. The Parent Representative will serve a primary role in maintaining good communication between parents, while also being a valuable resource to the teacher and the class. The class reps will also facilitate the social interaction among families in the school community. Thank you to the following parents who have volunteered; Estelle Fiske (Seahorse), Nicola Hampson (Wallaby), Teanne Stringer (Hedgehog/Chimpanzee), Clare Thompson (Chimpanzee/ Parrot). We therefore need representatives from the following classes to make the initiative work; Dolphin, Raccoon, Hummingbird, Puma, Firefly and Owl. If you are interested or would like more information, please talk to Mr Davis via the school office. S Davis Headteacher