The Sussex Learning Trust aims to play an integral part in providing the highest possible educational opportunities for children and young people in Sussex via a network of Academies committed to partnership working for the benefit of pupils and students

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Consultation on a change to admissions criteria for Warden Park Secondary Academy

Dear Parents 

Please see above  a consultation that proposes a change to admissions criteria for Warden Park Secondary Academy from 2020. The proposal. if agreed by the Trustees. provides for a higher priority for children in Warden Park Primary Academy and other SLT primary academies. We hope that you would view this proposal favourably? Please can we ask you to respond to the consultation so that Trustees can consider a range of opinion including that of families already a part of the Trust? 

To respond to this consultation please complete the following ‘Survey Monkey’.


Alternatively, written responses or questions can be sent to:

Jonathan Morris
CEO Sussex Learning Trust
c/o Warden Park Secondary Academy Broad Street
RH17 5DP



Christmas Card Competition Winners

Early Years

Millie Locorriere (Mole)

Adam Hughes (Mole)

James Peter Pugh (Badger)

Mila Saunders (Badger)

Theo Rockey (Squirrel)


Key Stage 1

Maia Johnson (Zebra)

Evelyn Cope (Zebra)

Harriet Felton-Little (Sea lion)

Matilde Meirinhos (Sea lion)

Lotty Wickenden (Sea lion)


Key Stage 2

Kyle Brown (Platypus)

Joyce Kelly (Chinchilla)

Eric Batchelar (Chinchilla)

Ethan Horan (Springbok)

Naomi Edginton (Squid)