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Summer Term

This term Year 5 are going on a journey around Europe. We are going to be ‘visiting’ a variety of countries to study the human and physical geography and to gain an insight into the traditional culture including food, dress, language and music. These countries include – Spain, France, Romania and Italy. 

A real highlight to start this term was that some of our class had the opportunity to be taught a Science lesson in our new lab by one of the Science teachers from WPSA. We learnt how to separate salt, sawdust and water using different methods including filtration and evaporation. Take a look at our pictures below! 





Spring Term

Our AMAZING Planetarium visit

On Thursday 2nd February we had a visit from a mobile Planetarium. It was amazing! We learnt so many interesting facts about the moon and the planets and we even got the chance to take a  flight through the Solar System! We have listed some of the facts that we learnt below:

The Moon:

  • There are 8 phases of the moon, these are: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter and Waning Crescent - Ashleigh
  • The Moon is drifting away from the Earth! - Eloise
  • There is ice deep under the surface of the Moon - Taylor
  • The Moon was created by Earth colliding with a meteorite. This resulted in Earth getting bigger and the remaining parts of the meteorite came together to form the moon - Matilda.

The Sun:

  • The Sun is 15 million degrees Celsius at it's core! - Reina
  • The Sun is made of burning gases, hydrogen and helium - Hugh
  • The two sun spots are 500 degrees lower than the rest of the star - Peter
  • The Sun has 8 planets orbiting it -  Luke P.

The Planets:

  • There are two white stripes on Jupiter, days in these areas are 5 mins longer than the rest of the planet - Elise
  • Jupiter has a large red spot - this is a storm which is the size of 3 Earths! - Millie
  • Venus would not be a very nice place to live! The pressure on the planet is 60 times as  much as Earth, it rains acid and you would melt! - Janique and Amelia
  • Mars has two moons - one (Phobos) might crash into the planet and the other (Deimos) is at risk of floating away into the Solar System! - Alicia, Tytti and Jackson. 



When we returned from the Christmas holidays, we discovered that we are going to be learning about Space! We are going to be working in teams to complete a range of tasks that will help us to learn more about the Solar System, Space Travel and what it is like to be an astronaut.  At the end of term, each team will give a presentation to parents and a teacher from WPSA about what they have learnt; the presentations will be judged and the winners will get to name a star! We also have an exciting visit coming up that will help us to learn even more about the stars above - you will hear more about this very soon.


We have been working hard on our homework - take a look at some of our amazing fact files and artistic creations below!