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Bush Babies would like to say a massive thank you to all the adults who came in to talk to us about toys from their past. The children loved listening to your stories and having the chance to play with some of them! The children have learned so much!


Lots of strange things seem to happen in our school woods... The other day we found some bowls of porridge and a yellow dress when we were going for a stroll! As the children are such good detectives, they soon realised that they were from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have been using Talk for Writing to help us learn the story (you'll see this in our assembly!). 

This term Bush Babies have been lucky enough to have Ms Turner come in to teach them PE on a Friday afternoon. The children will be learning lots of new skills and getting prepared for sports day! 


Bush Babies got a call from Mr Gingell saying there was something peculiar in the woods, so we went to take a look! We found a red cape, some flowers, some grey fur and a basket. After much investigation, we decided this was the crime scene from Little Red Riding Hood! We then learnt about the story and did some lovely character description. We also performed the story in front of our friends!


Knights and Castles

Since coming back from Christmas, we have found out that we are learning about knights and castles this term, and we are all so excited! We are all acting as squires, which means we are knights in training!

On Monday 9th January, some of our adults came in to help us make broth and made us do lots of squire jobs...it was loads of fun! We all had a go at cutting some vegetables and stirring, then we ate it! It was delicious.

Then, on Thursday 12th January a REAL LIFE KNIGHT came in!! Some Bush Babies took part in the story about St George by acting as townspeople and knights. Ryley and Amelie even got knighted! Our favourite parts of the morning included when he made us jump, when there was a jousting match, and when they took part.

We have also been preparing for our class assembly which is taking place on Wednesday 18th January, by learning some facts and a song!

Bush babies


Bush Baby class came back from the holidays to find sea related items all over their classroom! To make things even more exciting, we also found real, live fish!  We have had to look after the fish to make sure they have everything they need.

The fish also had a note with it asking us to find his friend called Nemo.   This led us to explore the world to try and find where Nemo might be.  We learnt the names of all the continents and the oceans and what the different climates are like.

This led us to consider that Nemo might be from somewhere like Australia.  As a result, we used books, I pads and laptops to research the underwater world and Australia.  We then researched aboriginal art and experimented with paint, considering the kind of colours and patterns which they would have used.

To continue our journey to find Nemo, we also visited the Sea Life Centre.  We had so much fun and even touched real starfish and sea anemones!