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Rubix Cube Conundrum

We had the challenge to make a cube with each face showing 9 different colours. We had to use dark blue, black, red, green, yellow, white, brown, light blue and orange cubes. Each face had to have these 9 different colours without any duplicates. It was very difficult and we had to have a growth mindset like Turbo the brain! It was frustrating because some of us thought we had managed to do it but then we noticed that the top and bottom faces didn't meet the criteria!

Marvellous Maths

We have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We had the task to see how many different varieties of shapes we could make using an unlimited supply of lollipop sticks. We discussed that we couldn't make circular shapes as we only had straight sides. Some of us had the challenge of trying to change a square based pyramid into a triangular based pyramid and we did it! 


Monkey class came back from the Easter break to find a letter from somebody called Marion. You can see the letter we found above. Marion said that she would like us to go to the playground and so we did. When we got to the playground we were met by some people who worked at GoWild and they took us into the woods. They did lots of exciting activities with us, including shelter building, archery and compass exploring. We had such a great time and learnt a lot. 




When Monkey and Fox class returned to school after the summer holidays, we found that our classrooms had been transformed into a Stone Age village complete with our very own cave reading corner.

That first morning we received a Stone Age visitor and were transported back to prehistoric times thinking about finding food and escaping from sabre-toothed tigers.

The visitor made us want to learn even more about this era so in our History sessions we researched how to survive in the Stone Age. To help with this, we time-travelled to prehistoric times and discovered what we would need to do in order to survive.

During our Art sessions, we have been learning about Stone Age symbols and cave paintings. We created Stone Age art, focussing on colour, line and tone.

In Science, we have been learning about rocks and soils. We carried out some experiments to help us identify and group different rocks. We then looked at fossilisation and focussed on palaeontologists such as Mary Anning. Next we will be investigating different soil types and making our own compost bins, which we hope will provide a suitable habitat for some wiggly worms. We cannot wait to see how much they enjoy their new homes…


Spring Term:

Year three are working on updating a class blog. To access our blog, complete the following steps:


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