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This week in Art, we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy. We used lots of natural resources that we found outside to create our very own outdoor artwork.

Potions!! Today in Maths we recieved a letter from a sea witch ordering us to make potions. We used our measuring skills to create lots of potions such as a dragon potion. We turned lots of people into dragons!

In Maths, we started learning about Time. We realised how important it is to learn because we need it to know: when to get up, when to go to school, how long to cook meals for or when to go to sleep. We learned that there are 2 hands, a minute hand and an hour hand. When we count the minutes we have to count in our 5 times tables and when we use our hour hand we count in our 1s. We discovered that time is similar to learning our fractions and used this to help us. We learned quarter past, half past, quarter to and o'clock. We then challenged ourselves and learnt how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. We even went on a time treasure hunt! We are so clever!

This week, we started our new book for the next 3 weeks- 'Where the wild things are'. We read the story and created actions as a class. Then in small groups, we created freeze frames, using our imagination. We showed the rest of the class, took a picture and then guessed what part of the story we were retelling. We were very imaginative!

On the last day of term we had our pasta treat. We decided to paint a range of beautiful flowers to decorate our classroom. We were artistic and creative like Una!

On the last day of term we had a nature trail. We had to identify a range of different trees and plants. We were able to find beech, lime and oak leaves. We had great fun in the sun exploring the field!

This term our topic is: Flora and Fauna (plants and animals). Today we were able to learn about and hold some real bunnies. We learnt lots of information about how to look after rabbits and their diet and habitat.

Today we started our new book 'The Wind in the Willows'. We read the story, created actions and in small groups we worked together to make a freeze frame. When Miss Downes shouted freeze, we had to freeze and other children would guess which part of the story we were retelling. Can you guess?

Year 2 athletics tournament

Our stunning start to our new topic: Flora and Fauna! We made stain glass window animals, felt flowers, ladybird or bummble bees.

Easter egg hunt on the last day of term!

This week in Science we have been learning about shadows. We learnt that a shadow is formed when an object blocks the light. The object must be opaque or translucent to make a shadow and transparent objects will not make shadows, as the light cannot pass through.


We went on a shadow walk around the playground and in groups we looked at our own shadows and drew around them. We then went back inside, turned the lights off and created shadow animals. We found out that when the light source is close to the object then the object looks bigger but when the light source is further away the object gets smaller.


Did you know? Light can only travel in straight lines and it cannot bend or go around objects.


We had so much fun!


On the 9th March year 2 visited the Museum of London's Fire Fire Exhibition. We were able to go into the bakers bedroom, try on the Fire men's clothes and rebuild London. We discovered lots of new facts and had so much fun exploring the exhibition and the gallery which showed London through the ages!

This term in Science, we have been focusing on materials. We learnt lots of new words such as transparent and absorbent. We tested a range of materials to see if they were waterproof and made predictions and conclusions. We now know lots of interesting facts about materials that we didn't know before!

Our mission: to work as a team to keep the ball on the parachute. It was really tricky and required a lot of bob the bees!
Our mission: to work as a team to keep the ball on the parachute. It was really tricky and required a lot of bob the bees!

This week in PE we did Yoga. We really focused on our breathing and we learnt lots of new positions like the scorpion, the tree and the mountain pose! We really enjoyed it!

In assesmbly we had a visit from some owls!
In assesmbly we had a visit from some owls!

Using playdough to help us divide!
Using playdough to help us divide!

Division in year 2
Division in year 2

After the Christmas holidays, we started our new topic Frozen Planet. For our stunning start we had to dig away at ice to discover the objects frozen in the boxes. We discovered that the bones in the ice were in fact Saber tooth tiger teeth!! We were so excited! We then decided to learn a bit about the animals in the Arctic and Antarctic. We learnt that polar bears live in the Arctic and that they have white fur so that they can camouflage into the snow. Did you know that in the Antarctic there are Emperor Penguins. As a class we were really interested in finding out why penguins can't fly, so we became investigators. We used ipads and laptops to research and Miss Smith and Nicole found out that penguins can't fly because they have short, stumpy flippers and their bodies are not made for flying. Did you know.. some scientists say that some icebergs in the Antarctic are bright green!! We were not convinced this was true, so we are still investigating!


This week in Robin class we starting looking at our new book linked to our topic this term, 'The Snow Queen'.  We started by predicting the plot. Harry thought the story was about a evil queen who took children on her sleigh. Emily thought it was about a kind queen like Elsa from Frozen. After reading the story we created actions using expression to help us remember the story in  chronological order. We then created freeze frames and the other children had to guess what part of the story they were telling. This was really funny! Later on this week, we started to describe the characters and settings using amazing adjectives and similes. Megan J said that the Snow Queen's palace was as transparent as a diamond. We listened to some magical music and imagined that we were outside the enchanted, majestic palace imagining the crisp snowflakes falling gently on our tongue.  We were so scared when we realised that the evil sprites had dropped the magical mirror and that the pieces of glass were freezing peoples hearts and  making them cross and mean. We all wanted to put our sunglasses on to protect us from the shards of glass. Today we looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow and saw that it is due to snow. Look out for the Snow Queen!


In maths this week we have been focusing on multiplication and our 2,3,5 and 10 times tables. We worked as a class to complete speed challenges and we are AMAZING!

In Geography, we have been learning about the weather and this week we became a weather man or woman. We are now able to identify the four countries in the UK and prepare people for the weather and different climates!

Our own weather woman!
Our own weather woman!


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